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I am Online Marketing Freelancer based in Bengaluru working with Individuals & Businesses helping them promote their organisations on the digital platform. I design & implement Digital Marketing strategies catering to the need of the business to increase traffic to your website to convert them into Sales & generate ROI. I specialise in Digital Marketing strategies, Website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, & content writing. 


Customized Digital Marketing Services offered to suit your business requirements.

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Keyword Research & SEO

Increase organic traffic to your website by optimizing your web pages and attract customers that turn into your brand advocates.  Implement Keyword research, On- page, Off- page, & Technical SEO.

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Social Media Marketing

Grow your business by Engaging customers on various Social media platforms. We deliver a consistent message across all social media platforms to manage your reputation.

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Website Development

Websites tailored made for your business requirements. We will provide you a prototype of the website to understand the product being built.

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Email & Mobile Marketing

Nurture your Leads by educating them on your product before they are ready to buy your product.

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Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analysis & insights are provided on various campaigns performance.

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Corporate Training

Training/ Guest Lecture on

  • Digital Marketing


Digital marketing portfolio undertaken for clients.


Check out this place for updates on Latest Tools & Techniques in Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, Content Writing, Email marketing & more.

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